"..serving your Blogger directly to bookmarker sites."
BlogSocializer is a simple widget for your Blogger based blog. It enables blog readers or visitors to submit your blog to major social bookmarking sites, including Digg, Technorati, Delicious, Yahoo! MyWeb, Google Fusion, Blink, Furl, and Simpy.
1. Copy the code
First just copy the widget code below. (right click, than Copy)
2. Paste the code
Now paste the code to your Blogger template. Can work either on new or classic template. In New template (.xml mode) you can simply add a new widget in 'edit layout' area. But for classic template you just need to paste it at 'edit html' area. Just for tips, you may insert the code below post content area. Read complete easy tutorial how to add bookmarker widgets here. You can find some templates with this widget ready to use at TheFachia.
Blogger edit template area
3. Save and Test
Now time to test your new widget. Try to submit one page of your blog to Digg or Delicious. And see how simple it works. Or you can test the script now as demo how it works. Submit this page to one of your favorite social bookmarking below.

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